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From botanical cookies, acorn coffee and wild green pesto, to making your own calendula salve and building a bird feeder The Wild Craft is filled with seasonal nature-based projects designed to reignite your love of the natural world and connect you to the earth.Each of the four seasons is divided into three sections: In The Kitchen, Making and Gardening. Every project will celebrate the wonder and beauty of nature and encourage readers to slow down and reconnect to the wild in a holistic and gentle way. With step-by-step instructions throughout, Cat Seixas will take you through each project, so that even beginners can enjoy the mood-boosting benefits of a craft-filled year.Peppered with information on seasonal plants to look out for and stunning photography, The Wild Craft will inspire the reader to develop their connections with the world around them and and bring the spirit of nature into their own home.

About the author: Cat Seixas is a Land steward, mother, knitter, folk herbalist and writer, living in the hills of central Portugal, her native land, with her partner and daughter. Over the last 6 years and a half, she and her partner have built their own house by hand and grown a garden. They value what's local and in season and believe in the strength of community and trade. To her these represent acts of resistance and social empowerment – they may be small steps towards a better world, but make a difference at our local level.

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