Into The Woods Soy Wax Melts


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These are made with 100% natural ingredients and make your house smell incredible. No paraffin, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrances! They can be used in any wax warmer or oil burner. Just break off 1-2 cubes and place in the warmer. If you prefer a stonger scent you can always add additional drops of essential oil.

Do not leave your wax warmer unattended, especially since it works with a tea light!

Once the wax level gets low, you must replace, or add more cubes due to the dried botanicals.

Each block of 70g wax includes 6 cubes.

Because the wax will outlast the scent, we recommend purchasing an essential oil bottle in a matching scent to keep adding to the wax as the scent fades. That way, you don't have to pop the wax out after every use, just add some oil!

Orangeville, Ontario

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