Headache Relief Balm


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Headache Relief is made with a powerful combination of tension relieving herbs, calming essential oils, and muscle relaxing magnesium oil.

How To: Just apply a small amount to temples, wrists, and back of neck and massage into the skin. Useful for mild to medium headaches.

Attributes: analgesic, calming, circulatory tonic, reduces fever (febrifuge), cooling, muscle relaxant.

1 oz amber glass jar


*sunflower oil infused with *feverfew, *white willow bark, *lavender, and *skullcap, jojoba oil, wildflower beeswax, magnesium oil, *Japanese peppermint oil, *rosemary oil, *lavender oil *chamomile oil, *cajeput oil, *vetiver resin, vitamin e oil


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